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witch trial

I was standing at the top of a hill looking down into a valley. I was wearing a long read gown and my hair was long and blonde. The village in the valley was old, probably 13th century. It was rainging steadily but i wasn't getting wet. On my right hand side was a wolf and on my left hand side was a lamb. Behind us was a forest. There was a river in the valley that fed into a lake and on the lake there was several small boats.

I walked down into the valley and onto the main street of the village. There were no people present but three brown dogs wandered the street. I looked into the windows of the houses as i passed and no one was there either. I continued to the town square where i came upon the "city hall." Everyone from the town was already there and i felt myself shift from being in the back of the room to being in front of everyone. I then realized that i was at my own trial and i was being accused of murdering my husband, witchcraft and worshipping the devil. They asked me how i plead and i said not guilty. The judge said that i was lying and I had been sentenced to trial by water.

They took me outside and everyone got onto a boat and we went to the middle of the lake. I told them I didn't know how to swim and that my clothing would be to heavy for me. Protesting that I loved my husband and I would never harm him.

They said if I was innocent God would raise me from the waters as proof of my purity. They unbound my hands and tied a rock around my waist and threw me into the water.

I fell into the water and quickly began sinking. I could not swim back to the surface and i couldn't untie the rock from around my waist. I realized I was drowing and i woke up.


1. Hill-easy achievement

2. Valley- life, protection

3. Wolf-beauty, solitude, mystery, good composure in social situations. A loner by choice.

4. lamb-prosperity-gained through sacrifice

5. red-passion and sensitivity in relationships

6. rain-release of pent up emotions

7. town-ambition, conclusion of hopes

8. river-time to get rid of old feelings

9. lake-contained emotions

10. dogs-powerful protectors (3)

11. boats-movement of feeling

12. trial-conflict. resolution. need to test boundries

13. murder-loss of control

14. witch-goodness, power and enchantment

15. the devil-self doubt and denial

16. drowning-going under emotionally. big ruin ahead

17. forest-natural forces. ready to explore

18. husband/marriage/spouse-desire for commitment

19. day/gloomy-signifies loss

20. rock-commitment to a relationship

21. execution (own)-mistrust in people

self- blonde hair-light hair and long

hair lighter than your own is indicative of something important being brought to your attention and long hair idicates thinking carefully about it.

11:24 p.m. - 2003-09-23


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