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the stars and the merman

i was at a lake in the middle of the night and i could see all of the stars very clearly, and i could see many of the major constellations, which i'm never able to see in life. i say ursa minor and the big dipper and orion and sagittarius. i looked at the sky and saw that it was a full moon but clouds were crossing over the moon. the water was very dark and i couldn't not see down into it. all around the lake was a frightening forest. i walked towards the water and looked down and saw my reflection. i looked like my normal self. but i suddenly felt strangly compelled to walk into the water. rather than it being cold, which i expected it was warm. i walked and then waded and then swam to the center of the lake and treaded water as though i was waiting for something. suddenly i saw something swimming towards me. it was a merman and his hair was long and netted with water grasses. he pointed to the sky and then touched my left breast before swimming back down into the lake. in this dream i also drown. only it wasn't a struggle. i simply sank.


interpretation pending

10:57 a.m. - 2003-10-03


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